Chestico Museum

The Chestico Museum is located in Harbourview, just a few kilometers south of the community of Port Hood on Route 19.

Operated by the Chestico Museum & Historical Society, which was formed in 1978, the museum officially opened in 1986 in a building that was formerly the Harbourview School. The Chestico Museum houses a selection of artifacts, displays, historical photographs, genealogical information, house histories and other items pertaining to the community of Port Hood and surrounding area. The museum is open from the first of June until the end of August. Hours of operation are 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday and 10:00 to 2:00 on Saturday. Admission is $2.00 per person or $5.00 per family.

Chestico Museum Looks to the Future

For the past two years, the Chestico Museum & Historical Society has been working on plans to redevelop the museum and relocate it to the centre of Port Hood. The old Harbourview School has served the museum well over the past twenty one years but with new projects in the works for Port Hood, and after a feasibility study was carried out in 2005, the Society felt a new facility, which is to be located on the site of the old Port Hood school with its stunning view over the harbour and islands, would be a great draw for visitors and convenient for most local residents.

As well, the province of Nova Scotia, through its Heritage Task Force Report, has strongly urged that a regional or county archives be established. With this in mind, the Society is undertaking the additional challenge of creating an Inverness County archival facility within the new building.

The new facility will have an exhibit area, Chestico Tea Room and gift shop on the upper level and an archives vault and research/genealogy room on the lower level. It is hoped that this new venture will create a real “heritage hub” right in the centre of Port Hood for everyone to enjoy. The building will also be a great venue for lots of new activities. This project has received support from many other heritage societies within the county as well as the Municipality of Inverness. Currently, the Historical Society is in the process of establishing links with government funding agencies. Indeed, exciting days lay ahead for the Chestico Museum!

Become a Member

The Chestico Museum and Historical Society welcomes new members. The membership fee is $15 per year. Members receive the “Chestico News” newsletter three times a year as well as a 10% discount in the museum gift shop and free daily admission to the museum.

To become a member, please forward your name, mailing address and $15 membership fee to:

Chestico Museum & Historical Society
P.O. Box 144
Port Hood, Nova Scotia
B0E 2W0

You can also contact the museum by telephone or email:

Telephone: 902-787-2244