Port Hood is known as being home to the warmest waters in Eastern Canada, but did you know that Port Hood has 5 sandy beaches all with their own unique attributes?

Lawerence’s Beach

Located in Harbour View, Lawerence’s is a busy beach that usually hosts many of our friends from other communities. This beach is fairly easy to access and is the only beach where you can view both Henry Island and Port Hood Island at once. Another great attribute about Lawerence’s Beach is that it is connected to part of our beautiful boardwalk.

The Boardwalk Beach

Also located just outside Port Hood’s main enterance, the Boardwalk Beach has very easy access with parking only feet away from it’s sandy shore. While bathing in the sun and soft waves take in the scenery of Port Hood Island and the coastline of Port Hood. At low tide you can take a stroll on it’s sand bars or dig for clams. A great spot for kite-flying!

Wharf Beach

Located right below the Al MacInnis Sports Centre and the Sunset Sands RV Park, this beach has been noted best for its volleyball tournaments and docking recreational boats. Protected by the Government Wharf, Port Hood Island and the breakwater you’re sure to see some fun in the sun here with water skiing, tubing and kayaking!

Lifeguard Beach

Our one and only Lifeguard Beach, which is only seperated from the wharf beach by the break water features showers, a canteen and washrooms. The Lifeguard Beach is a safe beach because it is well protected by land. Water temperatures vary between 22 and 24 degrees Celcius.

The supervised area is normally about 200 meters wide beginning at the breakwater on the left side of the beach and extending about 100 meters to the right of the chair. The supervised swimming area is marked by red and yellow flags on either side of the beach. The water is very shallow, allowing the water to heat up early in the season and stay warm.

Murphy’s Pond Beach

If watching the fishing boats at a reel away is your thing then Murphy’s Pond Beach is where you want to be. Located on the outside of the pond, this beach gives you a little different experience. Set-up your beach chair and soak your feet in puddles of warm sea water at low tide. Literally watch the boats come and go!