Port Hood is known as being home to the warmest waters in Eastern Canada, but did…
Photo: Beaches
Enter our weekly 50-50 draw.Held every Monday morning, all the proceeds go to the…
Photo: Boardwalk
Cape Breton West Islanders
Photo: Cape Breton West Islanders
Central Park
Come on out to our beautiful Central Park for a day in the sun or come out and enjoy…
Photo: Central Park
Chestico Museum
Operated by the Chestico Museum & Historical Society, which was formed in 1978,…
Photo: Chestico Museum
Chestico Days JULY 27TH - AUGUST 2ND,2015 Chestico Days Summer Festival. Arena grounds.…
Photo: Festivals
Irish Road Horsemen's Track
Horse Racing Friday night of Chestico Days! Come out & join in the fun for our…
Photo: Irish Road Horsemen's Track
Murphy's Pond
Live Lobster anyone? A photographer and ocean lovers paradise. A picture perfect…
Photo: Murphy's Pond
Picture Perfect Drives - Colindale Road
Are you in the mood for a drive that will leave you awestruck? Well this route is…
Photo: Picture Perfect Drives - Colindale Road
Port Hood Island
If you want to experience a world of its own then this is the place to visit! Known…
Photo: Port Hood Island
Port Hood Triathlon
The Port Hood Triathlon takes place in our beautiful community, with breathtaking…
Photo: Port Hood Triathlon
Romantic Sunsets
One of the most natural and beautiful wonders of the world comes almost nightly…
Photo: Romantic Sunsets
If you don't come to Port Hood for anything else you must come for our scenery.…
Photo: Scenery
Sunset Sands RV Park
Sunset Sands RV Park is something you will have to experience to believe it. Seconds…
Photo: Sunset Sands RV Park
Trans Canada Trail
Did you know Cape Breton Island is ranked the 4th best island tourism destination…
Photo: Trans Canada Trail
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